Friday, 24 April 2009

Evermotion Rendering Competition

Recently I came across of this rendering competition organised by Evermotion. The other participants are EXTREMELY highly skilled so I don't expect to win anything.

Anyway I joined with the hope to improve my skills and learn the rendering techniques from others. In fact, this is my first time doing exterior night scene.

Work in progress:

Rendering with DOF:

Friday, 10 April 2009

First try on VRayfor SketchUp

This is my visual work modelled in SketchUp and rendered with VRay for SketchUp (v4su) for SU 6. Took me 3 days to learn, honestly, the user interface appears not much different from that of 3DS Max. If you understand VRay for 3DS Max, this shouldn't be too difficult to learn. Unfortunately, some of the work flow are not user friendly enough and I would rather turn to 3DS Max. I wish I can use IES lighting as there's only VRay light provided. And I also wish that the rendered view is not cropped from the seen view. Anyway, it's good to see photorealistic rendering from SketchUp.