Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Keroro Gunso であります!!

Keroro Gunso is a funny and awesome animation. Keroro is my favourite character in the show. I decided to model the character and did some simple animation, after watching the show again recently.

Modelling was not difficult and I enjoyed watching the Keroro animation I created.

The completed model

Keroro without texturing (right) and with complete texturing (left)

This is the animation I created using the 3D model, rendered in 3DS Max+VRay and composed in Flash.

Feels good! Kero kero kero...


Jackie said...

you are great man!
could you be my teacher?

jdexign said...

Jackie, I am still learning, not an expert, I need to learn from you.

dream said...

this one cute!!!
how u do it??
act wat sub r u studying now?

Feeling said...

呵呵。。为什么一直讲de arimasu的?:P

permana said...

Can I buy it?
I like that so much,,

Permana Nara said...

Can I buy it?

Enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

So cute.... excellent.