Thursday, 19 March 2009

中國風. Chinese style

My latest visualisation work with traditional Chinese architecture. I tried to use the water shader (ocean lume) to simulate the water. The water generates caustic effect though the effect is not good enough. I use mental ray with mr sun+mr sky. I found the mr photographic exposure quite useful and comparable to vray physical camera in terms of usability and function.


Wakaleheza said...


I know nothing in architecture, but just love the picture. Would you allow me to post it on my blog ?
my e-mail address :
If not, no pressure! God Bless - otherwise thanks a million for e-mailing it to me.

Jackie said...

great job man,
but i think you need to improve the sky effect tough, other look great great to me.

jdexign said...

Thanks Jackie, the sky is actually the mental ray physical sky. I just want to see how well the physical sky makes up the visual.I agree the visual can be improved with dramatic sky effects.

c12hris said...

Looks cool! I love the lens glare. It makes the scene feel cozier.

jdexign said...

thanks Chris!